11 Apr 2019

History of magic

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History of magic

Hello dear travelers!

Today we will go on an unforgettable journey, namely in the footsteps of the Great Wizard Harry Potter!

1. Hogwarts School of magic.

Alnwick Castle, where the magical institution is located, is located in the north of England in Northumberland County. Despite the fact that only a few scenes of the first two films (“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”) were shot at Alnwick Castle, millions of fans of the fairytale epic believe that the school of magic was always there. But the school was filmed in Oxford and in other places.

2. Traveling on the Hogwarts Express train.

The famous train station in London - Kings Cross. Namely platform 9 3/4, with which the young magician and his friends went to study at Hogwarts. Of course, this is not a real platform, but rather a landmark for visitors to the English capital.

For the filming of scenes with the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films they used the most scenic railway line in the UK West Highland Line, the real route of trains and the very real London train.

3. Hogwarts Library.

The filming of the grand book depository is the Bodleian library at the University of Oxford, which holds more than eleven million copies of books, among which are simply priceless treasures and many medieval manuscripts.

4. The corridors of Hogwarts - School of Witchcraft and Magic.

Visiting Oxford, it would be nice to call in the town of Gloucester (just 2 hours from London) and visit the beautiful Cathedral of England - Gloucester Cathedral.

Its magnificent interiors, luxurious corridors and covered galleries will surely remind you of various episodes from the Harry Potter films.

5. Hagrid's Cabin

Once close to Scotland, one cannot help but glimpse the picturesque Glencoe Valley, which is located in the southwest of the Highland. This place is often called the most exciting and beautiful place in Scotland.

It was here that the scenes from the Harry Potter films with the participation of one of the main characters - Hagrid - were partially filmed.

Rubeus Hagrid's hut was specially built for the filming of the film in the Glencoe Valley.

Unfortunately, the huts are not there now, but here you can relax and enjoy the beauty of these places.

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