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What is Kyrgyz Concept MICE? We organize business and entertainment events of any size and scale on a turnkey basis. We are a team of experienced and creative specialists, who are truly dedicated to the industry of MICE and ready to fulfill your order at a high standard starting from all inclusive services to your most simple requests. You can trust all your event logistics to one agent. It will considerably save your time and save you from all organizational aspects, thus you will only need to choose a time and a place. We always think a step ahead and when using our services, you always be sure that everything has been taken care of by us.

Do you need to organize a conference, training or seminar? We will do all the work for you:

  • Building trust with participants:

We will take over all correspondence and provide you a quality contact center. Our professional specialists will conduct all negotiations with your partners and participants. Our agent will offer you the best flight options, convenient transit connections, visa consultation, organize meetings and farewell at the airport in Bishkek and more. In addition, our agent will inform you of all risks related to reservation and ticket refund rules. Your guest will arrive at the event on time safe and sound.

  • Find the right venue for your event:

We will offer you at least three conference hall options. We will book your desired hall, discuss and agree on the menu for coffee breaks and make sure that everything runs smoothly. All what is required is your presence at the event to enjoy our professional approach to organizational work.

  • Hotel accommodation for all your guests:

We will book hotels for your guests according to your preference, at original prices without additional fees, inform you about penalties in order to avoid them and we will consider all your wishes regarding your accommodation.

  • Prepare handouts:

Are you familiar with late order delivery issues and printing of handout materials? Or, urgent documents that no printing house can finish on time? We can print it for you, even if informational materials are provided a night before your event! We will help design your posters, banner stands, and print logos on pens, folders, notebooks and other items.

  • Provide a quality simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, written translation and technical equipment for events:

We can provide you with professional interpreters suitable for the nature and theme of your event. We will reserve projectors, laptops, mobile presenters, equipment for simultaneous interpreting and full conference system.

  • Organize a Gala Dinner:

Our company is partners with the best restaurants and we can easily pick a few options for you, according to level and theme of your event. Reserve the best host, invite musicians and variety of artists from national cultural to classical themes, organize flash mob and leave your guests with the most vivid and fond memories of their stay in Kyrgyzstan!

  • Monitoring the event at the location:

Do you feel that there is a large number of concurrent tasks and you would need to clone yourself to get everything done? We offer you the best solution: a highly qualified logistics specialist who will be present at your event and be on guard of your professionalism at all times. We will not offer you inexperienced intern or volunteer, logistics specialist will an employee of our company with extensive experience in organization of events.

Contact us: +996 (312; 777; 557; 701) 900-883 and we will resolve all your questions.

Feedback from our Clients

Национальный институт стратегических исследований Кыргызской Республики выражает глубокую признательность компании Кыргыз Концепт за качественное предоставление услуг по логистическому сопровождению тренингов и семинаров в рамках проекта «Центр мониторинга межэтнических отношений и трансграничных вопросов».

Хотелось бы отметить профессионализм ивент-менеджера Рахат Джантаевой и поблагодарить за ее ответственное отношение к делу, гибкость, исполнение всех наших просьб и пожеланий, а также умение учитывать особенности аудитории, индивидуальные способности и потребности участников.

Нам было приятно работать с командой Кыргыз Концепт и надеемся на продолжение нашего сотрудничества.

Директор А. Дикамбаев

720001, г. Бишкек, ул. Киевская 218, тел.: 39 20 60

факс: 65 44 88 e-mail:


Межгосударственный статистический комитет Содружества Независимых Государств выражает свою признательность за хорошую организацию совещания «Проблемы измерения основных показателей рынка труда и трудовой миграции при переписях населения и обследованиях рабочей силы», проведенного в Кыргызской Республике 4-6 августа 2015 г.

Слаженная работа сотрудников компании Рахат Джантаевой, Умут Кайназаровой и Яны Пак позволили обеспечить проведение совещания на высоком уровне.

107450, Москва, ул. Мясницкая, д. 39, стр. 1 

Тел: (495) 607-40-86,  Факс:  (495) 607-45-92


I am Writing to express support MICE Product team of Kyrgyz concept, especially Ms. Rahat Jantaeva and encourage you to support their application for your consideration.

I had the opportunity to work with MICE Product under Ms. Jantaeva's Supervision on several Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan and Open Society Foundations' events and Conferences. The most recent was SUMMER COURSE ON INCLUSIVE EDUCATION "ADJUSTMENT OF THE EXISITNG EDUCATIONAL

ASSESSMENT SYSTEMS IN THE CONTEXT OF TRANSITION FROMMEDICAL TO SOCIAL INCLUSION MODEL IN EDUCATION" July 2-7,2017, which brought up experts and professionals, representatives of state structures, civil society representatives. The number of participants was about 80 with 5 participating Countries: Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine.

MICE Product team organized cultural program for my guests in National Park Ala Archa. The team made the event on a high level and quality. They showed Kyrgyz culture on its best and am sure this event will remain in my guests' memory. MS. Rahat dedication, concentration is exemplary, She is very detail oriented. M.S. Rahat perfoms tasks very fast with high quality and she is always aware of deadlines.

In future international events, I would undoubtedly choose to work with MICE Product and Would recommend our partners to our interested colleagues.

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 720040 Logvienko Str. 55A 

Tel: +996 312 663475, ext. 112 Fax. +996 312 66.3448 

Email:    Website:

Настоящим офис Международной Финансовой Корпорации в Кыргызской Республике выражает глубокую и искреннюю признательность компании «Кыргыз Концепт» за высокое качество ивент-услуг, предоставленных во время проведения официального мероприятия "ТАЗА КООМ" с количеством приглашенных 200 человек из Правительства, посольств, международных организаций и бизнес сообществ 30 мая, которое проходило с 30 мая по 1 июня 2017 года.

При выборе компании, предоставляющей услуги в организации мероприятий, мы ориентировались на репутацию, качество услуг и квалификационный уровень специалистов. Компания «Кыргыз Концепт» полностью соответствует таким требованиям.

Хотелось бы отметить работу специалистов и поблагодарить их за профессионализм, внимательное отношение к нашим пожеланиям, ответственное отношение к делу.

Нам очень приятно, что команда компании «Кыргыз Концепт» уважительно и внимательно относится к своим клиентам. Мы бы хотели пожелать им сохранить такой же

высокий уровень профессионализма на долгие годы.

Mы рады продолжению взаимного сотрудничества в дальнейшем.

720040, г. Бишкек, Бульвар Эркиндик, 21

Тел.: +996 312 626162,   Факс: +996 312 6261625

With this letter I would like express my gratitude to your organization in supporting the event that took place from 20th to 26th of September of this year. This event was a one-of-a-kind, meant to be a regional workshop that turned into an international one that we have never done before, and without proper organization as well as execution it would not be possible to be successful.

It was due to your team involvement (MICE Product), that we were able to achieve a great result, a workshop that will remain in participants memory as well organized, harmonious living and work environment, flawless support of everyday function of the workgroup.

Ms. Rakhat Jantaeva and Ms. Yana Pak are worth special mention. Their dedication and concentration is exemplary, and courteousness and client friendliness are impeccable. We really liked working with them.

In our future dealings in Kyrgyzstan, we would undoubtedly choose to work with you again, and with high regard would recommend our partners to come to Kyrgyz Concept with their conference needs.

With best regards,

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