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Dear Mr. Emil Umetaliev, At the outset, let me thank you for your valuable contribution to the successful visit of the Indian Prime Minister H.E. Mr. Narendra Modi. As a token of our appreciation, I have the pleasure to forward herewith gifts from the Honorable Prime Minister to you and your colleagues as follows: a) Ermek Baidaliev b) Aizhan Sydykova Yours sincerely, Jayant Khorbagade

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The State Agency for Local Government and Inter-Ethnic Relations under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic congratulates the Kyrgyz Concept Company on Victory Day and expresses gratitude for the high-quality service for transporting the participants of the conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic war held in Bishkek on May 7, 2015. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and rear veterans from all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic took part in the event. The agency believes that the high-quality execution of the commitments undertaken by Kyrgyz Concept Company also contributed to the celebration of veterans of the Second World War and the rear. The agency wishes the Kyrgyz Concept Company further prosperity, and also hopes for further cooperation!

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Let me express my deep gratitude to Kyrgyz Concept Company for all the assistance rendered during the official visit of E.P. Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, to the Kyrgyz Republic on October 26, 2015. I also wanted to report on the successful completion of the visit, and the fact that the Japanese side emphasized the high professional qualities and efficiency of the transport department. Taking this opportunity, I express hope for further fruitful cooperation, and I would like to wish success in your activity, all the best. with respect, Takayuki Koike Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Japan in the Kyrgyz Republic

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Dear Aizhan, i just came back from India so i met my guide who was in Bishkek few days ago and he told me that EVERYTHING was great, minivan, driver, timing, everything went really well, so i just wanted to write you Thank you for you helping and next year with our next groups, im writting you again :) if there is any chance to write a review for you (or about you) to Kyrgyz Concept, i will do it, just let me know where :)) thank you and have a wonderfull day Tom

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Dear Aizhan, yesterday we came to Almaty so i wanted to say thank you. Everything in our tour was perfect (as usuall), so next time with my next group i will contact you as well again :) once again thank you sometimes when my mail is not working im at my FB, if u can add me, sometimes it can be faster to contact you (if u there of course): Tom Kubus thanks have a wonderfull day

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Dear Kyrgyz Concept team, im in Kazakhstan, so i wanted to tell you once again big thank you for everything. Everything with our tour was great, so of course next time im coming to Kyrgyzstan, you will be the first one i will write. so Thank you Tomas ------------------------------------------ Tomas Kubus CK BUBO TRAVEL AGENCY

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IFC WBG I would like to thank Kyrgyzconcept for the fruitful cooperation with IFC WBG, for your professionalism and excellent, progressive team. And I would also like to express my gratitude to the driver Derkembayev Akylbek personally for his high professionalism and conscientious attitude towards the client, for honesty and punctuality in his work. The IFC team is a World Bank group, namely the CAAP project (Central Asia Agriculture Project) implements a program to develop the dairy sector in the Issyk-Kul region, the implementation of the project involves frequent visits from international experts with diplomatic rank from far and near abroad to meet with officials of the Issyk-Kul region, as well as with farmers and milk processors. The transportation of such persons requires vigilance and careful driving, which Derkelbaev Akylbek has. When our dairy project entered the active phase (end of January 2016), our driver turned out to be Akylbek, after that our experts from other countries asked us that Akylbek was the driver since he has good memory and high attentiveness. Our specialists are very satisfied with the absolutely safe driving style and punctuality of Derkembayev Akyl. In addition, Akyl knows the terrain, the location of villages. Always treats his work with all seriousness and responsibility. But what was the pleasant surprise of our foreign experts when no one knew how to properly set up agricultural equipment and Akyl helped us in this. This again shows that he is well versed not only in cars but also in agricultural machinery. Due to the lack of Soviet and obsolete agricultural equipment in developed countries, our experts now often turn to him for advice and on agricultural equipment, and he is always happy to help. Dear colleagues, with this letter I would like to express my deep gratitude to your professional team. Respectfully, Amanov Maksat- agriculture specialist IFC Word Bank Group

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When using the vehicle within the cities of the Kyrgyz Republic the calculation is based on the daily rate, which is 9 hours and 60 kms. If the daily rate norms are exceeded, extra charge for an hour or km is being added.

Частным лицам мы предоставляем транспортные услуги только при 100% предоплате.

Вы можете оплатить в любом из наших офисов, также наш офис в Хаяте работает 24 часа, 7 дней в неделю.

Как можно заказать трансфер, если клиент - частное лицо?

Toyota Camry 35, Mercedes Benz W210, Toyota Avensis and many others

Our driver will be at your addres 3 hours before the departure

Our driver will be at your addres 7 hours before the departure

In hour or so within Bishkek, and three hours in other parts of Kyrgystan

When using the vehicle within the regions of the Kyrgyz Republic the calculation is based on total distance travelled. The daily rate and overnight stay is fixed and indicated in the price list.

We do have many years experience serving official delegations, VIP Guests, etc. We do provide various types of executive class vehilces for this type of requests. Police Escort can be provided as well.

Kyrgyz Concept Company is one of the biggest taxpayers in the country. We have transparent bookeeping, which allows us providing all neccessary financial documents for each order (invoice, schet-factura, act of acceptance, agreement). The Invoice is issued on the basis of the driver's logbook, where the total travelled distance, the amount of days and nights are indicated and signed by the Passenger.

For the comfort of the Passengers the vehicle is cleaned inside and outside for each order. In case of violation or messing up the vehicle by the Passengers it is obligatory to pay fee in the amount of KGS 2000 for cleaning purposes. We truly believe in you understanding.

Passenger transportation from the airport, any station or any place to hotel, or any other defined place.

On Clients' request for extra fee we insure each passenger seat, vehicle, third party's responsibility in case if an accident occurs.

The standards of the Company obligate the drivers to pass the technical inspection every 3 months. The vehicles are to be equipped with seats belts on each passenger seat and video recorders. The drivers are not aloud to drive more than 4 hours without having rest, the rest time is 15-30 minutes. Each vehicle has firts aid kit, fire distinguisher, emergency sign, tow, pump, etc.

In case if due to any reason you do not like the driver or a vehicle, you can request to change the vehicle by calling our office 24/7 at ____

We do provide necessary amount of cars of same make and model as well as the same color. Kindly note that

For long term and distance trips the orders shoild be placed 2 days in advance. For short term or distance trips the orders should be placed at least 2 hours in advance .

We do accept following forms of payment: cash, bank transfer, credit card. Currencies accepted: kyrgyz som, US dollras, euro, kazakh tenge, russian ruble

For long term or distance trips you can cancel the order 2 days, for short term or distance trips at least 4 hours in advance without any cancellation fee. The cancellation fee for short distance trips is the price for the trip, for long distnace trips - KGS 2000.

If the order is cancelled in compliance with ,the cancellation policy, you can get your money back. In other case the cancelation fee is credited from the payment.

2 hours waiting at the airport if free of charge. More than 2 hours wait, each hour is KGS 100.
The drivers work on the basis of patents and Social securiy number, as well as an agreemnt with the Company.

For your convenience, we will meet you with the name tag and/or company's logo at the special meeting point with Kyrgyz Concept logo. Just fill in your name and/or company's name.

We do provide child's seat for ages 1-3.

The driver would take care of your luggage until the place of destination.

By your request we would assign English speaking driver for your trip.

We do have strict standards and algorithms for each working group. Each request is proccessed in the system, by indicationg the transfer route, date, time of the trip and contact details for the pasengers. As soon as the request is processed in the system, the agents are informed about the request and they assign a driver. The system is monitored 24/7 by contact center operators. They contact the drivers periodically untill the request is finished and fullfilled. This system guarantees that each request would be implemented on time and in an appropriate way.

Delivery correspondence are calculated according to the table below:

in Bishkek

Number of correspondenceCost of one delivery (in KGS)Delivery times (days)
1-20 pieces1201
21-150 pieces1003
more 150 pieces805

We can give an answer about the availability of transport in the area of your interest almost instantly.

However, please order the car in advance - 24 hours before loading.

Tariffs are calculated based on the direction of transportation and distance of transportation, the volume and weight of the cargo. Each application has its own specifics, so the calculation is carried out by a specialist Ermek Baydaliyev

Mob: +996 555 788 300.

Our company provides cargo transportation only on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Freight transport for individuals are provided after 100% payment.

For corporate clients, payment is possible after the provision of services, both by transfer and in cash.

Please contact us to learn the prices

Price list for transportation services (in KGS)
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