Travel Insurance

Be sure that you will not have to solve unforeseen problems in a foreign country. We have made the registration of the insurance as simple as possible for you while booking a ticket.

Why do I need this policy?

On vacation, you plan to have a good rest, gain new impressions, bring a lot of photos and a new fridge magnet.

When you go abroad, the only thing you want to think about is to have a rest or a business trip to glory. But sometimes something goes wrong: unusual food, poor quality of drinking water, heat over forty, dangerous rides, sea predators and wild animals - you never know what may happen in an unfamiliar country.  What if you need a medical care in a foreign country?

In such a situation, it is important to be sure that you do not have to look for money to solve unforeseen problems. The insurance company will help you arrange timely and quality medical care and will cover your expenses for treatment, transportation and medications.

How does this policy work?

If you have an insurance policy, you do not have to pay for the expensive services of doctors, the purchase of medicines and transportation. It will be enough to call the phone numbers specified in the policy, and representatives of the Service Center 24/7 will facilitate the provision of medical care in all parts of the world.

The period of validity of the insurance policy can be any period from 1 day to 1 year.

Calculator for insurance

Calculator of insurance for citizens traveling abroad

Cost result

Insurance amount:
* Excluding 2% sales tax

Insurance programs cover the following costs:

1. emergency hospital

2. Outpatient treatment

3. The dental harvest (research and treatment, medicines, etc.)

4. In case of an emergency evacuation (ambulances)

5. extreme accident, special equipment and emergency aid

6. ambulance to a nearby hospital delivery

7.  Delivery of an insured to the place of residence ()

8. If an insured was travelling with childre, one way ticket for children as well

9. two way ticket for the closest relative


Medical insurance for migrants in the Russian Federation

48615 KGS($7 000)up to 90 days 2639 KGS ($38,00)
48615 KGS ($7 000)up to 180 days 3612 KGS ($52,00)
48615 KGS($7 000)up to 270 days 4445 KGS ($64,00)
48615 KGS ($7 000)up to 365 days 5417 KGS ($78,00)

*Service price can change depending on foreign currency exchange rates

The maximum age of the insured person is not more than 55 years.

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