National cuisine

Beshbarmak - means "five fingers" because while eating nomads did not use cutlery. It is eaten with the fingers, from cups filled with shorpo - saturated meat broth. That's a pretty bold dish of lamb or horsemeat.

Kurut - is a national product of the Kyrgyz people. A traditional recipe: using a milk from sheep, goats and cows, on the basis thereof prepare a clabber, separate whey several days in special bags. Thereafter, the resulting mass is combined with the salt and balls are made of this of diameter not greater than 5 cm, which is placed on a wooden board and exposed to the sun, and dried 3-4 days.

Kymyz - in Kyrgyz proverb says that: "Who drinks kymyz, will live forever, because this drink has medicinal qualities." To prepare kymyz, we need buryuk - a container which is poured with fresh mare's milk. The buryuk is made from sheepskin, then begin to beat up with a long wooden spoon, made from the trunk of juniper (archa). After whipping the milk is left for a few days. At this time, in the milk undergoes natural chemical processes, and acquires the beneficial properties of the beverage. Fresh thick kymyz has quite a specific taste.

Maksym - the old, cold drink. Taken crushed grains, can be on hand grinder (zhargylchak). Before grinding the beans are roasted in a cauldron, grind and boil in water for a long time, salt to taste. After cooling to fill with ayran or syuzma. Maksym is very nutritious drink, it can replace a meal, very satisfying due to contained therein rump that quenches thirst.

Boorsok - a traditional bakery products peoples of Central Asia. Borsok - Obligatory treat in each Kyrgyz family. Serve boorsok to tea before meals,to kymyz, to snacks, to shorpo. The cut pieces of dough are fried in oil for 20-30 seconds, then shifted out of the cauldron in a sieve or colander to as follows, glass oil. This traditional "decoration" of the table - because boorsoks laid out on the dastorkon during every major celebration.

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