07 Mar 2019

The Spring

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The Spring

Every winter I wonder how you can live outside the city, and every spring I begin to understand this.

© Paul Palmer

But there are cities that seem to be created for spring ... At this beautiful time of the year, they flourish, start to play with some new, special colors. Feeling as if throughout the year they are waiting for her. Maybe Spring is their soul?

In addition, Spring is the perfect time to travel. Nature comes to life, people “bloom” from a good mood, in the air, not yet hot and pleasant, romance and adventure spirit hovers.

That is why we have prepared for you a selection of cities that are worth visiting in the spring!


Amsterdam is a city of young people. No, the young are not the body, but the soul. Life here does not stop for a second. Day walks through the old streets and squares, accompanied by street musicians, are replaced by nightly entertainment, and they are very fascinating in the free city of the world.

And now about the spring. The Netherlands is a country of tulips, and Amsterdam is the capital :) To look at the tulip fields, ride bicycles through the old center, stroll through hundreds of small bridges and have fun in dozens of unusual and fascinating museums of the city - this is what spring should be remembered forever.


From November to March this town in the south of France is buried in violet colors. The March sun timidly plays on the tiles of houses, as if descended from the pages of ancient fairy tales, and the violet gently wraps around the balconies and flower beds of the city.

Indeed, it is difficult to say, looking at all this magnificence, that you are in the 21st century - the city overgrown with a violet carpet seems so fabulous. Local pastry chefs will treat you with a violet souffle, jam, or even offer to taste ice cream from this delicate flower.


The Germans are able to truly celebrate - remember, for example, the famous Oktoberfest. But few people know that with the same scope, citizens and guests from around the world celebrate the Spring Festival, which turns into a week-long carnival.

The last week of April gathers everyone who wishes to meet spring outside the city of Munich. Here, in addition to a large number of trade shops, an amusement park opens, a scene for popular music groups breaks. For children, the organizers traditionally prepare circus performances.

For those who want to try German cuisine - a large number of national dishes. Spring spirit and a special national flavor, believe me, nothing makes you drunk like german beer.


The ideal option for a relaxing holiday with your family or your loved one will be a leisurely, romantic Geneva. Stroll along the shores of Lake Geneva, admire the beautiful Notre Dame Basilica temple, look into the blooming Botanical Garden of Geneva and look at one of the largest fountains in Europe - the Geneva Fountain.


Spring in Tokyo is perhaps the most animated time of the year, because, in addition to the flowering of local parks, which thousands of tourists come to admire, in the spring Japan celebrates many national holidays, which thunder in the capital with a special scope.

Flower Festival and Children's Day, Girls' Day and White Day (a kind of alternative to March 8, when men give sweets to their beloved) and many other occasions. These days, tea-drinking ceremonies are held on the streets of the city, various master classes, as well as all who wish, are served local exotic dishes.

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