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Team building types

Team Building in the form of ENCOUNTER

Aims and content of team building are:

To improve the atmosphere in team and increase corporate loyalty, improve effectiveness of exchanging the information ,develop trust in team and support each other. Team building is aimed on interaction and cooperation in team emphasizing the importance of making single solution and developing the responsibility for their contribution to the company.


1) Exercise: Participants are motivated on positive during simple and interesting games with exercises.

2) Game ENCOUNTER. The active game is arranged as an adventure hunt. Participants guess the riddles step-by-step and reach the final task. The game is similar to the online quest games and films as “Treasures of the nation », "Da Vinci Code" and a cartoon film "For 80 Days Around the World".

Content can be changed according to the local requirements. Every team is supervised by an assistant, who regulates the pace of work and helps to solve: outdoors outside the city the tasks.

Result: Working out the interaction in team and developing  the ability of team communication.

3) Identifying the winners,rewarding all teams and  fixing final results

Duration: 1 day

Location: countryside

Number of participants: 6 person and more


Record by phone:  996 700 492 887 (W/A)

Teambuildings to improve communication skills

Aims and content of team building are:

To realise common aspirations and opportunities for cooperation, to  develop cooperation in a team and to reveal personal potential. It enables to develop communicative skills, to work out the process of exchanging  the information and mistakes of communication are identified.


1)Exercise: Participants are motivated on positive during simple and interesting games with exercises.


2) Communicative games, intellectual games, psychological exercises:

Games are aimed on the team integration, revealing leaders, working out the effective interaction in the team, breaking psychological barriers.

3) Fixing final results

Duration: 1-2 days

Location: the event can be held in the 1) countryside 2) Issyk-Kul or other locality 3)office of company/other hall in Bishkek

Number of participants: 5 person

Record by phone:  996 700 492 887 (W/A)

Teambuilding Quiz

                              Interactive quizzes and intelligent games that stimulate team

                              spirit and friendly competition.


                              Examples of activities :

                              Thematic scores, brainstorms, questions on general knowledge 

                               and logic.

                               Record by phone:  996 700 492 887 (W/A)

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