Visa to Switzerland

Visa to Switzerland

Time of application processing: 5 days after applying documents to Embassy.

It is necessary to register for the submission of documents in advance, often the queue reaches 1 month.

Consular fee: 60EUR (It is paid after document submission via KICB bank)(0-5 no need to pay consular fee,  6-11 – 2 730 (35 еuro))

Cost of our services - $20, including  consultation, appointment and visa application.

For more information, please, contact our specialists:

During weekdays from 8:30 till 17:30

0312 906 262 ( add 215 ) or e-mail:;

24/7 consultation

0312 900 883

0701 900 883

0777 900 883

0557 900 883

*Due to the fact that the price of the visa fee and other services defined by the embassies, the cost depends on the foreign currency exchange rate. Therefore, please check the exchange rate of foreign currency on the day of payment for the service.

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