VIP airport halls

For special travelers


You are not used to wasting precious time on pre-flight formalities and want special comfort?

Do you need to keep your hand on the pulse of business? Then, appreciate the comfort worthy of your status ...

The business hall of Manas International Airport creates for passengers the most comfortable conditions for waiting for a flight.

The lounge is located on the third floor in the sterile area of the airport.

The list of services of the Business Hall:

Providing information on the implementation of flights at the airport
Waiting room with a high level of comfort and comfortable furniture
Comfortable toilets
Shower room with necessary amenities
Bar and souvenir shops (for extra charge)
Watching Television Cable
Provision of city telephone services
Providing illustrated magazines in Russian and English.
Fully equipped work area (PC, scanner, printer, etc.)
Luggage storage
Prayer room
Free Wi-Fi Internet
Buffet with an assortment of snacks and drinks
Mother and child room
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