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Bachelor - 4 years 

Master Degree - 2 years

Ozyegin University young, enterpreneurial university, teaching by American education system, which has estabilished itself worldwide. Ozyegin University for upward mobility Kygyz students. 

from 418200 KGS от 6000 USD

Ozyegin University

Ozyegin University is a young higher education institution, officially admitted Council for Higher Education of Turkey. This University was established with support from Fond Husnu Ozyegin on 18 may, 2007 and  accepted their first students in September 2008. Fond H.M. Ozyegin is one of the leading fond, which is investing in leading cultural projects, education and health-care.

Students enrolled in Ozyegin University are provided a unique opportunity to participate in international exchange program and internship in Europe and USA, and University graduates acquire in addition to Ozyegin University Diploma, Europanian Diploma. All  education process developed in line with Bologna process.

Campus of the University

The town building of the University is located nearby to the Bosfor bridge, a main University town Ozyegin is located in the area of , in 20 minutes drive from town building. Nowadays the University town Ozyegin University is the only environmentally friendly in Turkey.

All teachers representatives, among them many international teachers, are graduates of conducting Europe and North America Universities. University’s goal - become affordable for all social gradients. The Ozyegin University is the only private University in Turkey, that offering guaranteed discount for the whole period of study for international students, beginning with its first year.


  • Bachelor of Law (legal profession, legal proceedings and advocacy, academic pursuits, public academic service, notarial activities, consulting, management activities )

  • Bachelor of Psychology (social psychology, developmental psychology, psychometry, applied psychology)

  • Bachelor of Civil Aviation

  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering (software, computer systems, theory and languages, computer graphics and vision, software architecture and embedded systems)

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (prospective materials, energy system, nano and micro technology)

  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering (decision support system, service management and production, transport and logistics, finance application)

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (telecommunications, network design, signal processing, integrated systems )

  • Bachelor of Gastronomy and Catering

  • Bachelor of Hospitality (golf-management, yacht-management, jet-management,spa-management)

  • Bachelor of Banking and Finance

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (operational management, management, marketing, finance)

  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurship

  • Bachelor of Economics

  • If English language level is insufficient, students could take a one year preparation to study English language at the University.
  • Why Ozyegin University is your University?
  •    Leading University of Turkey, accroding to results of the student satisfaction in 2017 and the best among non-state Istanbul universities found after 2000.
  •    2 university's towns: one in the center of Istanbul, another is the first eco-friendly campus in Turkey.
  •    Education in English language. Opportunity in foreign language learning.

    • Full compliance with the Bologna agreement. The system of accumulation, transfer credits and a European Diploma.

    • International exchange and internship programs.

    • Is in the TOP-10 Universities in Turkey, foundation for "Most Popular Univesity Survey" Bloomsberg Week in 2016.

    • By the number of published university's professors articles in the world's leading publications, Ozyegin University is included in the list of the top 100 leading universities in the world.


    • International passport
    • English requirements: TOEFL ibt 80, or according to University's test results.
    • Certificate of General Education for a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in related specialty
      Motivation letter (here you prescribe why you want to enter the chosen specialty, why you choose this particular university)


    In residences on campus are resided 2,626 students, whose are provided with a wide choice of accommodation options.Located within walking distance of academic buildings, 1-2-3-4 bedrooms are offered in the residences, almost every room has a refrigerator. Accommodation also includes complimentary laundry facilities, study rooms, rest rooms and guest rooms, TV rooms, cafes, medical centers and ATM. In each building of the residence has a video surveillance system also is installed in the common rooms, 24-hour hot water, security, ambulance service, and wireless Internet access. The residence has a football field, basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a tennis court and a fitness center, so students can spend their free time with maximum benefit.

    Tuition fee


    Tuition fee for one year

    50%  discaunt
    Undergraduate program in all areas except those listed below.

    12 000 USD (840  000 som)                      

    6000 USD (420 000 som)                        

    Professional Flight Program

    13 000 USD (910 000 som)

    No discaunt

    Hotel Management

    10 000 USD (700000 som)

    5000 USD (350 000 som)

    Address: Tynystanova 231, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    Email: education@concept.kg

    Ph: +996 312 900883

    Mob. Ph: +996777/701/557 900 883

    Whatsapp: +996 554 900883

    Skype: kc_edu

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