17 Jul 2019

Upcoming events, July 18 - 24

Upcoming events, July 18 - 24

Sonar 2019

July 18: Annual entertainment event - Sonar. Make a swimming vessel and swim 2 laps on it behind the electric windlass. The winner is the owner of the most extravagant and resistant projectile, which does not fall apart along the way. Beginning: 15.00. Venue: Wakepark Onthewake, Mira Ave., 90-92.


July 19: Concert of the musical project “Penguins”. Beginning: 21.00. Venue: Suitcase Zusmanovich, 4 md 6/2. Free admission. Reservation: +996555223667

Veloler "Bike Team"

July 21: One-day cycle camp "Bike Team". Beginning: 11.00. Venue: Karagachy grove, rope camp Arkan Tokoy. Cost: 350 soms Phone: +996555705704

Gradus CUP DRIFT 2019 Stage 1

July 21: Drift Championship of Kyrgyzstan! 1st stage. Beginning: 15.00. Venue: Victory Square, Bishkek. Free admission. Telephone: +996555034043

Meeting “Delegation. Trust the team.

July 23: Meeting “Delegation. Trust the team”. Speaker: Ainura Koshoeva, HR-Director of Beeline. Beginning: 18.30. Venue: City Hotel, 34/1 Baytik-Baatyr st. Free admission. Registration is required. Registration link https://forms.gle/JX1qPy6EDUCHgtYC9.

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