14 Feb 2019

Collecting Luggage

Collecting Luggage

Going on a journey, always tormented by the questions: “but have I not forgotten ...?”,  “Will there be any advantage?” And so on.

Let's think about what can be done to eliminate such probabilities.

  • Make a list (Need to take both warm and light clothing. Even in the hottest countries there are cold evenings, and in cold countries, you may need light clothing in your room.)

  • Do not forget the first-aid kit (you are going to another country, you may have to wait for acclimatization, unusual cuisine, insects, etc. A minimum of medicines you should take include: painkillers, cold remedies, allergies, antipyretic drugs, diarrhea remedies, to improve digestion, enzyme preparations, antibiotics, remedies for injuries (here also bandage, iodine, adhesive plasters, peroxide), plus sunscreen and sun protection.

  • Take a minimum of shoes (as shoes are the most voluminous part of the baggage, it is also worth taking the most versatile shoes that fit any outfit)

  • Pack things with rollers (so they crumple less and take up less space)

  • Give preference to universal articles of clothing ,the more combinations you can make from the trousers, skirts, t-shirts and blouses that you take with you, the better. The more unbroken ones among them, the better. The lighter they are, the better! Such is the Rule of Three "better."

  • Chargers and wires can be put into a sunglass case. So they will not interfere with your bags and will not be confused.

  • Use vacuum bags

  • Wrap fragile things with clothes

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