Kyrgyz yurt

The nomadic way of life. It means that its housing should be adapted and convenient for life. And so the traditional Kyrgyz housing was a yurt.

Yurt (Boz uy) - housing that is quick to assemble and easy to disassemble by one family.

The world record for the fastest assembling yurt was recorded in September 2014 by the Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan in the first World Games of nomads in 17 minutes. Previous record belonged to the Mongols - 1 hour 12 minutes.

Shyrdak - one of the most complex products in its technique made of felt. The process of making shyrdak flows during the year: in the spring wool is shorn, then it is washed, dried, swung, dyed. And then, with the help of boiling water, soap and chiya the kiiz is dumbed - felt carpet. According to the traditional view of people the felt guards from evil spirits and enemy forces, and saves from the cold and heat.

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