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Visit Europe together with Kyrgyz Concept and Kyrgyz Concept Prague to establish business contacts, exchange experience and achievements, improve their skills, visit successful enterprises and partner companies. The Czech Republic and Germany are unique countries in which business tourism optimally combines business with pleasure: it allows you to simultaneously solve business issues and enjoy the beauty of unique cities in the heart of Europe. This is a cultural and business trip of like - minded businessmen of Kyrgyzstan to Europe to get acquainted with the TOP management of companies and innovations in industry and services of the two countries: Germany and the Czech Republic. 

The forum will include a business tour of Czech enterprises in various sectors of the economy from 16 to 18 April:

Construction technology;

KR entrepreneurs will get acquainted with the best producers and successful institutions of the Czech Republic.
You will have the opportunity to discuss the development of Kyrgyz-Czech business partnerships.

78430 78430 сом

Days: 8 / Nights: 7

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Meetings with such companies as:

Czech export Bank (ČEB), which provides direct and indirect export credits to buyers from abroad and suppliers at minimum interest rates. The meeting will be attended by insurance companies and the Ministry of trade and industry.
Skanska is one of the world leaders in design and construction, represented in 11 developed countries. Objects: buildings, structures, airports, roads, etc.infrastructure.  
Examples of projects: LaGuardia Airport (new York) Terminal B - design and construction. It serves 14 million people a day. Highway London's M25 - takes 15% of roads in England, passes 200 thousand cars a day.
Škoda factory: you will see the production of parts and Assembly of modern eco-friendly Skoda cars in several production shops. Now the plant belongs to other world brand — "Volkswagen" — and is one of the most modern plants in the world. 
The Museum of the world - famous automobile concern "Škoda" has 340 cars-exhibits, shows the evolution of engines for the entire 140-year history of The plant, as well as a restoration workshop, where there are just repaired cars, and those that are just waiting for their turn. 
Mercedes Benz is not just a brand. It is a synonym of luxury, wealth and prosperity.  You will be able to appreciate the plant from the inside, and during a tour of the Museum you will travel from 1886 to the present day. In the Museum you will find 160 vehicles - from the unique first car to the latest works of the leader of the automotive industry. You will also get acquainted with numerous exhibits that tell about the history of the automotive industry.
HeidelbergCement AG is a German company producing construction materials, one of the world's largest cement producers. It is a world leader in the market of non-metallic building materials and one of the leading companies of the production line.
BMW Combi Tour: you will see the main exhibits of the BMW Museum from the more than 100-year history of the BMW Group and the most important corners in BMW Welt: the architecture of the BMW delivery center, the features of the complex process of delivering cars to customers, look behind the scenes, experience the various elements of BMW, get acquainted with the painting shop and learn what secrets, chemical and physical processes are used by BMW technologists and much more. Tour of BMW production takes place directly in the shops of the plant in the Northern part of Munich. Every day more than 900 cars and up to 1400 engines come off the Assembly line here. On the tour you will see almost all stages of the production process: the press shop, the work of molding robots, welding "multi-armed" and surprisingly accurate machines and all this in dynamics. Multi-stage processes can be compared to the complex technological dance of ultra-modern ergonomic robots. In the Assembly shops you will demonstrate the reunification of the body and transmission, verified to the millimeter.

Тип тура

The cost of the tour - 78430 som (1150 USD) – includes:

Accommodation in 3 or 4 star hotel (Your choice, based on double occupancy);
Breakfast at hotel; 
Transfer from / to the airport, in case of staying with a group; 
Professional advice on applying for a visa;
The consular fee for processing visa;
Sightseeing tours in Prague and Munich;
International health insurance;
Transport under the program for the entire period of the business program, including long-distance transport;
Services are not summarized;
Russian language translation services;
Conference room and equipment for the forum;
Entrance tickets to the Museum BMW Welt; 
Organization of a group introductory meeting before the business tour. 

Pay separately:  

Flight from 500 USD (departure/arrival),
Lunches and dinners and other expenses (total of $ 300).

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