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The official motto of the capital of Bavaria - "Munich loves you." And indeed, getting here, it is immediately easy to feel the friendly, cheerful atmosphere of this South German city. The capital of the federal state of Bavaria is not only and not so much the merry Oktoberfest, a great football team and a paradise for lovers of powerful cars. Sprawling on the banks of the Isar, in the south of Germany, in the foothills of the Alps, Munich attracts with its majestic cathedrals with high bell towers, sweeping front squares, old houses with ornate facades and flower baskets on the windows.

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Days: 6 / Nights: 5

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Arriving at Munich Airport.

Accommodation at the hotel, assistance with check-in at the hotel is provided by the driver or the Russian-speaking employee of the hotel.

How to get to the gathering place on the tour will explain the Russian-speaking driver on the transfer on the day of arrival or Russian-speaking employee of the hotel.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Munich City Tour

Sightseeing tour of Munich and excursion to the Hofbräuhaus beer house.

You will see the main sights of Munich and Bavaria: the famous Karlsplatz square (Stachus) and the Karlstor gate, St. Michael’s Cathedral, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Old Courtyard - the medieval residence of Bavarian kings. The unique ensemble of the city of Munich in which styles of different epochs mixed: Gothic - Frauenkirche Cathedral, Renaissance - Church of St. Michael (Michaelskirche), Baroque - Residence of the Kings of the Wittelsbach family, the ruling dynasty of Munich and the new style - New Town Hall on the central square Munich - Marienplatz.

XIX century Munich - Maximilianstrasse - the building of the Bavarian national opera house in the neo-Greek style, Maximilianeum - the building which houses the Bavarian parliament, besides this is the most expensive street in Munich and all of Bavaria.

Odeonsplatz and the Residenz of the royal Wittelsbach dynasty, the Theatinerkirche is one of the finest Munich cathedrals, a monument to the Bavarian army - Commanders Gallery (Feldherrnhalle).

The tour ends with a visit to the famous Hofbräuhaus brewery, which opened as a court brewery of the Bavarian dukes in 1607. Over the years, famous political and cultural figures Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Elizabeth of Bavaria, Vladimir Lenin and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya visited the Hofbräuhaus.

* Lunch at the Hofbräuhaus or Spaten beer house is not included in the tour price.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Free day or excursion to the castles of the Bavarian king Ludwig II - Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, the town of Oberammergau and the Ettal monastery.

Entrance fees are paid additionally on the spot (about 25 €). Full day excursion ~ 10 hours.

Neuschwanstein Castle (Neuschwanstein) is the king's fantasy that has come true, the fairy-tale castle has raised its turrets and galleries above the Alpsee lake and wooded hills in the Bavarian Alps. The interiors of the castle are extraordinarily beautiful and exceptional in design and execution: the luxurious Throne Room, which is made in the Byzantine style, a study and a royal bedroom, which delight with the abundance of carved ornaments ...

Linderhof Palace (Linderhof). One of the four castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria. The idea to build which arose from the king under the impression of visiting Versailles. Venus Grotto (Venus Grotto) - an artificial cave with a waterfall and a lake. The walls of the cave are decorated with scenes from Wagner's Tannhäuser, and a swan-shaped boat drifts across the lake ...

Oberammergau (Oberammergau) - this charming town is famous for its painted houses. Their walls are painted with scenes from German fairy tales, the Bible, scenes of chivalrous feasts and peasant life. Here many houses have their own names. The town is also famous for its woodcarvers, the best in Germany. Shops are open in their homes, selling amazing wooden sculptures, mainly on religious themes. The town has its own jewelers, artists, basket makers and potters. Here you can watch the work of masters and immediately buy various products. Every resident of the town is an actor who enters the stage once every ten years. Why? The answer to this question you will receive during the tour.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Free day or excursion to Nuremberg.

Nuremberg is one of the most famous cities in Germany and around the world - “The Treasury of the German Empire” or “The Most German City of Germany”. During the tour you will learn that the old city - Nuremberg, reflects the whole history of Germany as a kaleidoscope. In the 12th century, an imperial castle was built. In the 14th century, the Golden Bull, i.e. legislative act of the Holy Roman Empire, it was decided that every German king should spend here the first day of his reign, which immediately made the city the largest in Europe. From the 15th century to the 18th century, the treasures of the imperial crown were kept in Nuremberg. During its thousand-year history, Nuremberg survived 30 emperors and kings, a 30-year war, the Inquisition, the plague, the Reformation, the Weimar Republic and two World Wars.

Medieval Nuremberg is a free imperial city, one of the largest centers for the development of trade and crafts. Gothic cathedrals soaring towards the heavens, city squares where local merchants spread their goods, stone houses of patricians - millionaires of that time, cozy side streets of craftsmen, completely built with half-timbered houses - is traced throughout the Middle Ages. The city is dominated by a medieval fortress of the 12th century, the construction of which was begun by the great Frederick Barbarossa himself. After all, the city often became the venue of the Reichstag, and the whole imperial court had to stop somewhere. The wealth of the city served as a prerequisite for the fact that the greatest talents of that time chose Nuremberg as a place of residence - this was the "German Michelangelo" Veit Stoss, and the creator of the best tabernacle north of the Alps Adam Kraft, and, of course, the genius of the German Renaissance, the greatest German land artist Albrecht Durer . And, of course, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Nuremberg culinary, enjoy the most delicious sausages in the world - by the way, and find out why they are so small, try different sorts of “live” beer and take with you the most delicious Nuremberg gingerbreads that are here so about bake according to old recipes without a gram of flour!

Breakfast in the hotel.

Free day or excursion “Castle of Herrenchiemsee on Lake Chiemsee”. Entrance fees are extra paid - about 17 €.

Castle Herrenkimze, "Bavarian Versailles", the palace of Ludwig II on the island Herenhimsee, "Royal Lake".

Herrenkimze Castle (Schloss Herrenchiemsee) is the country residence of the Bavarian King Ludwig II, built on the island of Herreninsel in Lake Chiemsee, which can only be reached by water.

Everyone who heads today by boat from the pier of the resort town of Prien am Chiemsee to Herrenhimsee island, admires the beauty of Lake Chiemsee. Castle Herrenkimze "Bavarian Versailles" is the embodiment of the magnificent taste of the Bavarian King Ludwig II, the expression of his subtle spiritual nature and a tribute to his idol - the French king Louis XIV "King Sun".

After the island was confiscated from the church and changed several owners, Ludwig bought it in September 1873. A year later, during his trip to France, he was struck by the luxury, wealth and grandeur of the Palace of Versailles. Ludwig had a desire to build the same monumental palace in his home country, in Bavaria and upon returning from Paris, orders to develop a project and start building a new palace.

During a tour of the Herrenkimzee Castle, we will explore the suite of ceremonial halls dedicated to the memory of King Sun of Louis IV and the era of absolutism. We will pass along the Embassy Staircase to the Royal Guard Room, then we will see the First and Second Rooms waiting for the audience, Louis Bedroom, Louis Cabinet, Mirror Hall, with halls of war and peace ...

In the museum of Ludwig II exhibited the personal belongings of the king.

Castle Herrenkimze - "Bavarian Versailles" was the most ambitious and costly project in the history of the reign of King Bavaria Ludwig

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Munich Airport.

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- accommodation in the selected hotel 3 *, 4 * or 5 * in the central part of Munich;

- meals - breakfast (buffet breakfast);

-transfers airport Munich - hotel - airport Munich for any flight;

- excursion package: - 1 excursion: walking tour of Munich for 3 hours

-city map;

-children under 12 years old - walking tour of Munich for FREE!

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