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The Hawaiian Islands are the focal point of everything we are used to associate with heavenly rest. This is one of those beautiful places on the planet that everyone should visit - at least once in their life.

There is always a holiday and fun. Already at the airport you find yourself in an amazing realm of bright colors. If you go to the annual festival of Aloha, you will see a lot of colorful events during which local residents dance, sing and delight visitors with fun, colorful parties with Hawaiian rituals. Another important cultural event is the Floating Lantern Festival. Visiting tourists are met according to local custom - by giving Lei (a wreath of flowers). You can’t take it off in the presence of the one who gave you this gift - otherwise you will offend the benevolent native.

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The Mauna Loa volcano located on its territory is still active, the plants represented in the national park are truly unique. Vacationers can see incredibly beautiful volcanic formations, giant ferns and exotic tropical flowers. An interesting museum is open for holidaymakers in the reserve; its exposition is devoted to volcanoes; popular science films are broadcast daily in the museum for free.

The underwater world of the local coastal waters is diverse and colorful. The most popular place for diving is the flooded Molokini Crater on the island of Maui. It is perfect for group dives. For lovers of sunken ships, Oahu Island will be interesting. The main dive center here is the city of Honolola. On the Big Island, you can highlight the place Kona Coast on the west coast. Here you can dive into the "Eel Cave", "Turtle Hole" and make a "Night Meeting with the Manta". Manta is a large ramp, but near the island they are the safest. More experienced divers who prefer to dive in unpopular places, will appreciate the underwater world of the southern coast of the island of Kauai. The most interesting places are the Sheraton Caves, the sunken ship Luckenbach, the lava caves where sharks are found.

All beaches of the Hawaiian Islands, even those adjacent to the territory of resort hotels, are municipal. For recreation, travelers can choose literally any part of the coast they like. In Hawaii, a wide variety of beaches, everyone will find the beach, which he likes.

Hawaii is the hotbed of volcanic eruptions, the largest in the northern waters of the Pacific Ocean. The island of Hawaii is also famous for its many waterfalls, breaking from the slopes of volcanoes directly into the sea and looking from the deck of the ship with sparkling silver ribbons, enlivening the monochromatic green veil of the slopes. The highest of them - the Akaka Falls - falls from a height of one hundred forty meters!  

The coast of the island is covered with amazingly beautiful forests. In the forests of the Hawaiian Islands, you can walk without fear, as there are neither large nor small predators. There are also no snakes, no leeches, or mosquitoes, so poisoning the lives of travelers in tropical areas. The fauna of the archipelago is generally not rich in species. But on the other hand, most of the local inhabitants are found only on these islands. These are mostly rare birds, such as the Hawaiian brant or the tiny Hawaiian florist fluttering over orchids like Latin American hummingbirds, miraculously saved from total extermination, and nectar from flowers with their thin curved beak.

In Hawaii, you can see seals resting on the beach, many turtles, and other animals, and they are there in a completely natural environment, which makes meeting with them even more interesting.

What surfer, trying to catch the biggest wave, didn’t dream of riding the famous North Shore? Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, Banzai Pipeline, Haleiva - all of these stunning beaches attract thousands of amateur surfers and professionals every year. Hawaii is a paradise for surfers.

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