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Cuba is beautiful beaches, the most smiling people in the world, the best cigars and rum, holidays and magic salsa day and night. An original blend that you will not find anywhere else.

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The Havana Capitol is in fact very much like the world's most famous capitol in Washington. Havana was built in 1929, but the Cuban parliament has been sitting here for exactly 30 years - and that’s all. After this beautiful and impressive building was turned into an open conference center.

The fortress of La Fuerza ("The Castle of Royal Power") was founded in 1577. The fear of pirates was so great that defenses were erected along the entire coast of Cuba. The oldest and best preserved fortress is located two steps from the center of Havana.

The city of Trinidad (translated from Spanish as “Trinity”) was founded in 1514 by the Spanish conquistador Diego Velasquez Consuelo de Cuellar. This is a real city-museum under the open sky, each of its houses and every street is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Another example of how long-term isolation helps to keep intact the pearls of architectural art.

The fourth largest city of the Island of Freedom is located in the eponymous province. It was built by the Spanish conquerors among the first, and because of its antiquity and incredible beauty, it is listed as a World Heritage Site. Here you can thoroughly explore the monuments of colonial architecture.

The second largest city in Cuba was founded in 1514, and is completely different from the previous cities-mausoleums of the colonial period. Climate, culture, music, clothing of the locals - everything here says that you are in the Caribbean. Passionate, cinematic, lively, Santiago seems to show the real face of Cuba.

Baconao National Park extends over 85 thousand hectares between the Sierra Maestra massif and the Caribbean Sea. Baconao is a nature reserve and amusement park in one bottle. Here you can walk between life-sized figures of prehistoric dinosaurs, see the famous “tree of peace” under which the Spanish army surrendered, explore the Aboriginal settlement and relax on the beach in Baconao Lagoon on the shores of salt lake. (at extra charge)

Parque Topes de Colliantes in the Sierra del Escambray was founded by the dictator Batista. It is located 20 km from Trinidad and is home to the tocororo bird, the recognized symbol of Cuba. Here is the largest waterfall Salto del Caburni, as well as other waterfalls, grottoes, caves, rivers, lakes and canyons

From the pier of Varadero, anyone can go on an exciting voyage by boat. Included in the tour is a visit to the islands of Cayo Blanco and Cayo Piedra. The excursion will give unforgettable impressions of diving with a mask during stops and from a hearty lunch of sea gifts. If you are lucky, during a tour of the open spaces of Cuba, you will be able to see dolphins. (at extra charge)

The most luxurious hotels, the cleanest ocean, the most gentle sand and the most relaxed holidays in Cuba can be found on the Ikakos peninsula 140 kilometers from Havana. These are the famous beaches of Varadero, where you want to try everything at once: diving, snorkeling, sunbathing on the white sand, walking along the beach at sunset and cocktails of crazy colors.

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