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Australia is a combination of exotic, wild nature and glittering ultramodern cities. The country is beautiful roads, endless ocean beaches and coral reefs. The main attraction of Australia is the Great Barrier Reef, which is included in the UN World Heritage List, with its world famous resort islands - is the best place on earth to practice diving and yachting.

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This building is the main attraction of Australia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All tourists visiting Australia like a magnet are attracted to the wonderful, airy silhouette of the Sydney Opera House, hovering above the waters of the harbor.

The Blue Mountains National Park is one of the most beautiful places in Australia. They are only an hour west of Sydney. In 1958, the entire territory of the Great Dividing Range was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The nature of the park is a typical Australian rainforest with huge blue eucalyptus trees and tree ferns. The Blue Mountains themselves are unique and unusual.

One of the most memorable sights of Australia. In 2011, the road was added to the list of National Property of Australia.

 Australia - one of the richest natural places on the planet, and a small part of the island of Tasmania - the standard of wildlife.

Tasmanian rainforests, the “lungs of the planet,” are thousands of kilometers of an untouched green world. Just imagine: there are dense foliage around, lianas intertwining among themselves, giant trees, clear lakes, and a soft moss carpet under your feet. Real travelers can not leave this place without attention.

It is a cultural and natural monument of Australia. The park is surrounded on all sides by mountains, has a huge territory. Kakadu Park has a unique nature, it is inhabited by animals and plants, which can not be found anywhere else in the world.

Oceanarium - one of the most important attractions of Australia. This amazing collection of living creatures of the ocean has about 13 thousand animals. Here, in conditions close to natural and convenient for people to see, both giant sharks and turtles, as well as thousands of species of fish, skates, crabs, live. The aquarium is built so that sharks and other terrible ocean dwellers swim in close proximity to visitors. 

It is located in Western Australia and is another insoluble mystery of the continent. The fact is that it is still completely incomprehensible what gives the water a pink color. Previously, it was believed that these are some special algae, but this guess has failed - there are no algae in the lake at all.

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