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Goa - magnificent tropical beaches, gentle sun and warm sea ... South Goa - these are luxury hotels, unspoiled beaches, peace and quiet of a fashionable resort. North Goa - a very democratic, noisy, rave. Goa has an unusually beautiful nature, lakes with blooming lilies, foamy waterfalls, plantations of fragrant vanilla. And on the beach, local kids will almost certainly offer you coconuts filled with cool coconut milk. On Goa, endless beaches, bright blue sea, pineapples, papaya, mango, cashews, spice plantations, old towns, colorful festivals are always waiting for you!

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Days: 8 / Nights: 7

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 Goa is a magical place. The place where you are as if under a dome of happiness. Here you understand that nothing needs to be planned. The main thing is that all of us here find what we are losing in megalopolises - harmony with ourselves, people around you and our beautiful world. In numerous restaurants and bars you will be offered a menu for every taste. And of course, how not to taste fresh seafood with a bottle of local wine, rum or port wine in the cozy atmosphere of the evening restaurant.

On the Indian pearl of the Arabian coast, you can not only swim, but also combine rest with sightseeing. You can go to Dudhsagar Falls, about 60 kilometers from the administrative center of North Goa, the waterfall is one of the hundred highest waterfalls in the world, then you should visit the a large reserve of the Indian state of Goa, which occupies an area of 240 sq. km, Bhagwan Mahavir (for an additional fee). Then don't forget to visit the Mangesh temple of the Hindu God, which is also called the God of Goa. Bon-Zhez Basilica Ush is one of the most famous and visited architectural sights of Goa. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the temple has been a place of pilgrimage for several centuries. Visit this temple with guides who will conduct a tour of the church and its circumference (for an additional fee).

The cost of the tour includes:

* flight Almaty - Goa - Almaty (a / c Sunday Airlines),

* hotel accommodation with selected meals,

* transfer a / p Goa - hotel - a / p Goa

The cost is indicated for 1 person in double occupancy.

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