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Mysterious Sri Lanka attracts lovers of everything mysterious and amazing. This country promises not only sandy beaches, gentle sea waves, and the sun, but also the secrets and mysteries of the world’s culture. If most of all the tour to Sri Lanka charm you with an excursion program, then Colombo, Candia, Galle, the ruins of Sigiriya, and other equally stunning cities and objects will not disappoint your expectations.

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Airport - Colombo

Arrival at International Airport (Colombo),

Transfer to hotel.

Sightseeing tour of Colombo in the afternoon.

Colombo, like many capitals of developing countries, is rapidly changing its shape. The very place with old dilapidated buildings simultaneously there’re arrows of skyscrapers that rush into the sky. Nevertheless, charming old houses and quarters are still preserved in some parts of the city as if they take you to a distant colonial past. The 100-year-old clock tower and several other structures built by the British are examples. Among other sights: the famous Pettah bazaar, Hindu and Buddhist temples, sleeping areas with mansions of wealthy citizens, the S. Bandaranaike International Conference Center - a gift from China to the people of Sri Lanka.

Dinner and overnight at the selected hotel or equivalent to it by category and set of services.

Colombo - Anuradhapura - Cultural Triangle

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to Anuradhapura via Marawila, Chilaw, and Puttalam.

Anuradhapura is the first capital of the Sri Lanka state (from 4th century BC to 11th century AD). It is a world heritage monument. There’s the Sri Maha Bodhi (Sacred Bo tree - fig tree) that grew out of the escape from the same Bo tree, under which Prince Siddhartha achieved enlightenment. This tree is already 2,200 years old and is the official oldest tree in the world. The Copper Palace (Brazen Palace, II century AD) with 1600 stone columns survived and once up to 1000 Buddhist monks lived in it. Ruwanveliseya (II century BC) is the most famous Dagoba (a Buddhist monumental dome-shaped structure). Initially, it had a bubble shape, but modern restoration changed it. Buddha statue in the state of "samadhi" (enlightenment, achieved deep meditation). The temple of Isurumuniya (III century BC) is known for its rock paintings.

Transfer to the area of the Cultural Triangle.

Dinner and overnight at the selected hotel or equivalent to it by category and set of services.

Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to Sigiriya (Lion's Rock).

The ascent to the mountain citadel of Sigiriya (Lion's Rock) built in V c. AD by King Kasyapa (477 - 495 yy.), which is now a monument of world heritage. Lion Rock is of an indescribable beauty "fortress in the clouds", which hovers at a two-hundred-meter height above the jungle cover. The rock is the center of a fortified city, which is spread over an area of 70 hectares. A moat with water, a rampart, extensive gardens, including unique water gardens, surround the base of the rock. Familiarity with the world-famous frescoes of the "heavenly maidens", which are in a deep rock niche, where you need to climb the spiral staircase. These murals are applied to the plaster with natural paints.

Excursion to the ruins of the second capital of Sri Lanka (XI-XII centuries), included in the list of world heritage monuments. Here you can see the ruins of the Royal Palace, Gal Viharaya, where there are four magnificently big Buddha statues carved into the rock in various postures of meditation, Audience Hall, the statue of King Parakramabahu I the Great, and created by him the Parakrama Samudra artificial lake. In addition, you will visit the ruins of magnificent temples, such as the Shiva Temple, Lankathilake, Watadage, Galpotha with the world's largest stone book, the Kiri Vehera stupa and the ruins of the former Temple of the Sacred Tooth of the Buddha.

Dinner and overnight at the selected hotel or equivalent to it by category and set of services.

Cultural Triangle - Dambulla - Matale - Candi

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Dambulla.

Visit the Cave Temple in Dambulla. It was built by the king of Valagambahu in the I century AD and is a world heritage site. The temple is a complex of five caves. The walls and ceilings in the caves, with a total area of 2 thousand m2, are covered with paint and drawings. This is the largest square in the world ever painted by artists. It contains more than 150 images of Buddha, and the largest statue, carved from a monolith rock, which stretches for as much as 14 meters!

Transfer to Kandy with a stop in Matala.

Visit the spice garden in Matala to get acquainted with the different kinds of spices that Sri Lanka is famous for. The travelers will not only see them but also get acquainted with the technology of their cultivation and production. Demonstration of culinary recipes and a free massage.

Transfer from Matale to Kandy.

Kandy is the last capital of the Sri Lankan kings and a place of world historical significance. The name "Kandy" conjures up pictures of pomp and splendor. Many legends, traditions, and folklore works are carefully preserved to this day. A trip around the lake of Kandy was created by the last Sri Lankan king of Sri Vikram Rajasinghe in 1798. Walking through the city and the market, visiting the center of arts and crafts, the museum of semi-precious stones and cutting. Also, visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. After this, a trip to the local theater to the presentation of the famous Kandian dances.

Dinner and overnight at the selected hotel or equivalent to it by category and set of services.

Kandy - Peradeniya - Pinnawela - Nuwara Eliya

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Peradeniya.

Peradeniya is a botanical garden built for the delight of the Sinhalese kings, and later greatly expanded by the British. It covers an area of almost 60 hectares, where grows the largest collection of tropical plants in Asia.

Transfer to Pinnawala.

The elephant nursery in Pinnawela was founded in 1975 as a haven for little elephant-orphans. Today, some of their first, once small, guests have become grandparents and are walking around the territory of the nursery in the company of their granddaughters and grandchildren. Initially, the nursery was conceived as a tourist attraction, but it soon turned into a research and educational center for the preservation of the elephant population. With the help of local and foreign specialists, a laboratory for the breeding of elephants in captivity began to function in Pinnawel. Free movement on the territory of the nursery, expansion of opportunities for a specimen of both sexes to meet and mate in which the presence of a large stretch of river plays a dominant role. That is 1984 when the first baby elephant was born here. This success attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world to the nursery in Pinnawel. A lot of books and scientific articles in various languages are devoted to the elephant nursery in Pinnawala, films have been shot, countless photos made by famous professional photographers.

Transfer to Nuwara Eliya.

On the way, we’ll visit the tea plantation and the factory, where the best tea in the world is produced. You will be initiated into the mysteries of tea production. You will see how tea is grown. Taste real tea right in the factory.

A visit to Nuwara Eliya, the most popular mountain resort in Sri Lanka with its invigorating climate and amazing landscapes. Nuwara Eliya also produces a large proportion of the best tea in the world. There is the highest peak of Sri Lanka, the Pidurutalagala (2524 m). Nuwara Eliya has the best 18-hole golf course in Asia.

Dinner and overnight at the selected hotel or equivalent to it by category and set of services.

Nuwara Eliya - Yala

Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to the southeastern edge of the island through the picturesque areas of the mountains and the Bandarawela and Ella waterfalls.

Jeep safari in the Yala National Park in the afternoon.

Yala is the most famous and largest national park of Sri Lanka. It is home to a wide variety of animals and birds: elephants, leopards, bears, buffaloes, deer, boars, crocodiles, hornbills, peacocks, etc.

Transfer to hotel.

Dinner and overnight at the selected hotel or equivalent to it by category and set of services.

Yala - Galle - hotel on the beach or Colombo

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Galle.

Galle tour. Once Galle was the country's main port and outpost of the East India Company in the spice trade. Until now, the city is called the "capital of spices", and is also famous for its handmade lace. Visit the old Dutch fort, as well as the area of Little Amsterdam, where typical Dutch colonial buildings of the XVII century are perfectly preserved. The city of Galle is a world heritage monument.

Transfer from Galle to the hotel on the coast or to Colombo.

на 1 человека при 2х местном размещении без перелета

Стоимость программы включает:

- авиаперелет Алматы-Шарджа-Коломбо-Шарджа-Алматы (а/к Air Arabia).

- проживание в отеле, с питанием согласно концепции отеля

- групповой трансфер по всему маршруту с русскоговорящим гидом: а/п Коломбо – отель – а/п Колом

Стоимость программы не включает:

· Сбор US$ 75 с персоны за визу (дети до 12 лет – бесплатно)

· Разрешение на видеосъёмку в слоновьем питомнике в Пиннавале (US$ 5 – могут изменяться)

· Разрешение на видеосъёмку в Храме Священного Зуба Будды в Канди (US$ 5 – могут изменяться)

· 7 обедов в придорожных ресторанах: US$ 70 с персоны

· Рождественский и Новогодний ужины

· Входные билеты для осмотра достопримечательностей, не указанных в программе

· Напитки и дополнительное питание

· Персональные расходы

· Чаевые и услуги носильщиков

· Всё, что не указано в разделе Стоимость программы включает.

Другие условия:

· Дополнительные экскурсии и услуги будут предоставлены при условии дополнительной оплаты

· Парки дикой природы путешественники посещают на свой страх и риск

· Джипы предоставляются с базовой страховкой, которая не покрывает все случаи; это же касается и транспортных средств, используемых для передвижения по программе.

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