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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and one of the most visited European cities. Warsaw is unusually different, here the gray-haired medieval antiquity perfectly harmonizes with the rapid rhythm of the modern city.

Krakow is a unique, charming city, erected by generations of talents and masters of the middle ages, Baroque, Renaissance and art Nouveau. Krakow-the living heart of Poland, for a thousand years of its history, this majestic city on the banks of the dazzling Vistula, was the capital and Royal residence, the city of coronation and burial of Polish kings. This glorious Royal city escaped destruction during World war II and today you will admire the precious architectural and cultural gifts of Krakow in their original form…

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Days: 5 / Nights: 4

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Arrival in Warsaw. Transfer a / p-hotel. Accommodation in hotel.

Sightseeing walking tour of Warsaw. Warsaw's old town is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The program of the tour: the Old town, castle square, the Royal tract, St. John's Cathedral, Barbican, statue of a Siren.

Excursion to the Chopin Museum (optional), built in 2010 to the 200th anniversary of the composer. Frederic Chopin Museum is located in the renovated and modernized interiors of Ostrog castle in Warsaw.

This is perhaps the most modern and amazing biographical Museum in the world. Thanks to modern technologies, the Museum guests will be able to see not only the Warsaw house of the composer, but also the interiors of the XIX century from Chopin's room in the village of zhelyazova-Volya, as well as listen to the music of the great composer and even smell violets, flowers, which the composer loved and always kept in his house in Paris. In the evening optional Performance at the variety Theatre Sabat (with dinner) is optional. One of the most famous theaters in Warsaw – theater "Sabat". The theatre's repertoire includes musicals, variety shows and comedies. Actors theater-known singers, musicians, dancers, pop stars. This theater always has a special atmosphere-a festive atmosphere. It sounds easy, sonorous music, the stage, circling temperamental dancers.

Breakfast. Free time in the city to visit the shopping centers "Golden terraces" or "Arcadia", where you can buy gifts, souvenirs and optional excursions.

Palace and Park ensembles of Warsaw (optional). The Royal Lazienki Park and Palace in Wilanow - the monuments of history, embodying the era of the Polish kings in all its glory. The Palace complex in Wilanow - the Polish Versailles in the Baroque style. Royal Lazienki (XVII C) served as the summer residence of the Polish gentry. Ancient palaces, canals, picturesque alleys are especially beautiful in summer. Transfer from the hotel to the station. Moving Warsaw-Krakow. Transfer station-hotel. Accommodation in Krakow.


Walking tour of Krakow: the Old town and the Wawel Royal castle with English speaking guide: Market square – the plexus of legends and many historic events, St. Mary's Church, the historic shopping arcades of the cloth hall, Royal route, Wawel hill with renesansu Royal castle and Cathedral.

As a gift! "Krakow souvenir" - a fascinating walk through Krakow.

We invite you to walk the streets of Krakow, get acquainted with the peculiarities of national Polish Souvenirs.

During the walk, along with the guide you will look into the popular Krakow shops, go to visit local confectioners and appreciate their work, try, taste, and if you want you can buy the most famous "Krakow Souvenirs": real Krakow sausages and cheeses, delicious Krakow cookies, fruit and berry liqueurs, tinctures or Polish Zubrovka. In the evening for those wishing ""Dinner in the restaurant of the Old town "" (optional) .


Bus and walking tour in Wieliczka (optional), visiting the salt mines - the largest salt Museum in Europe. Wieliczka is a small town 13 kilometers from Krakow. Here is one of the largest and oldest salt mines in Europe. The depth of the mine is 340 meters, and the total length of corridors is more than 350 kilometers. Tourists come from all over the world to admire the underground beauty of the mine. In addition, the air in the mine has healing properties, underground sanatorium is equipped.

Bus tour to Auschwitz (optional). 60 kilometres West of Krakow lies the small town of Auschwitz, where a complex of German concentration camps was established in 1940. Auschwitz is the largest Nazi concentration camp where more than 1.5 million prisoners were tortured during the second World war. Auschwitz – a UNESCO world heritage site-has been preserved intact as a reminder of the crime committed here against humanity.. The Museum includes the ruins of crematoria, gas chambers, railway platform and other objects of the former concentration camp.

Breakfast. In the morning transfer from hotel to train station. Moving to Warsaw. Transfer from Warsaw railway  to airport. Departure from Warsaw

Included in the price:

Hotel accommodation: 1 night in Warsaw, 3 nights in Krakow;


Sightseeing tours in Warsaw and Krakow with a Russian-speaking guide;

As a gift! "Krakow souvenir" - a fascinating walk around Krakow;

Railway tickets for long distance routes;

Group transfers according to the program; 

Health insurance.

The host company reserves the right to replace the excursions with equal ones and change the time of their conduct.

The cost of the tour does not include: entrance fees to sightseeing objects.

The cost of maintenance is not included:

Optional excursions with Russian-speaking guide, transport service and entrance tickets;

Individual transfers according to the program.

The price does not include:

Air flight 

Entrance tickets according to the program (payment on site).

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