Combined tour to three STANs: Uzbekistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazakhstan

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middle of June - September



During this tour you will visit 3 Central Asian countries: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

And cities: Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Fergana, Osh, Toktogul, Bishkek, Chon-Kemin, Issyk-Kul, Karakol and Almaty.

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Days: 16 / Nights: 16

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Arrival to Tashkent at midnight. Meet a local guide and transfer to hotel (early check-in included). Rest and breakfast.

Tashkent – the Capital of Uzbekistan!

Due to the central location in the region, it was Sogdian and Turkic influences in its early city history, before the Arabs came in the 8th century. After destruction by Genghis Khan in 1219, the city was rebuilt and profited from the Silk Road. The city was conquered by the Russian Army in 1865, and in Soviet times witnessed major growth and demographic changes.

Nowadays, Tashkent is the largest metropolis in the region, the nation’s capital and home to some excellent museums, operas and fine dining.

Tashkent is one of the main transport hubs for the whole of Central Asia with flight connections linking Uzbekistan to the world.

There are variety of bazaars, madrassas, craft centers, museums, parks, squares and theaters to explore. Tashkent metro is a unique system with art-gallery-like stations.

Sightseeing tour includes:

- Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater – the theater has special significance for Japanese nationals because it was built by the Japanese prisoners during the Second World War. A plate acknowledging their contributions is part of the building.

- Monument of Courage – built to acknowledge the courage of the people at the time of the Tashkent earthquake on 26th April 1966. The whole city was turned into rubble, and modern Tashkent was built. . Amir Temur Monument – is in the center of Tashkent city. Amir Temur, in armor, is sitting on his horse, holding the reins of his horse with his left hand and greeting the people with his right hand.

- Mustaqilik (Independence Square) – the political center of the Republic of Uzbekistan. There are located Government buildings and the Senate Independence Monument was established in 1991 as a symbol of sovereignty of the country. It shows a golden globe and the outlines of Uzbekistan.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

After breakfast, transfer to airport for morning flight to Bukhara.

Bukhara – The Sacred City!

One of the most sacred places for Muslims, the admired and charming city of Bukhara was also one of the key stop points along the Silk Route.

In the Middle Ages, when the region was at the top, scientists traveled from all over the Islamic world in order to receive knowledge here, including Ibn Sina and Firdausi.The whole tour in Bukhara can be completed in one day, however, this is one of the places where little seems to have changed from the Medieval Era, and taking things a little slower lets you soak up the thrillingly authentic atmosphere.

The historical center of Bukhara has been listed by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites.

Full day sightseeing of Bukhara:

- Ark citadel / Registan Square.

From the most ancient times the Ark was the fortified residence of the rulers of Bukhara. Everything could be found there; palaces, temples, barracks, offices, the mint, warehouses, workshops, stables, an arsenal, and even a prison.

- Ismoil Somoni Mausoleum – was built in the 9th (10th) century (between 892 and 943) as the resting-place of Ismail Samani –who was  powerful and influential Amir of the Samanid dynasty. Samanid was one of the Persian dynasties that dominated in the Central Asia, which held the city in the 9th and 10th centuries.

The architects used an ancient tradition of baked brick construction, but to a much higher standard than had been seen before. The construction and artistic details of the brickwork are still enormously impressive and display traditional features dating back to pre-Islamic culture.

- Poikalon Complex – consists of three structures, Minorai Kalon, Masjidi Kalon & Miri Arab Madrassa. Minaret was built by the Karakhanid ruler Arslan Khan in 1127. The mosque was built circa 1514 & madrasah was completed in 1536.

-Lyab-i Hauz –is considered a center of the Old City. It means “ensemble near the pool”. The main element of this ensemble is the pool. The ensemble Lyab-i Hauz has three monumental structures. These are: Kukeldash madrasah (16th century) built by Abdullah II was, at the time, the biggest Islamic School in Central Asia. Nadir Devanbegi Madrassah (16th century) was  intended to be a Caravan Saray, but according to the precept of the ruler Imam Kulimkhan, was reconstructed into a Madrasah. Nadir Devanbegi Khanaka (winter mosque) was built at the same time with the Lyab-i Hauz (16th century).

- Maggoki Attar Mosque is  the oldest surviving mosque in Central Asia, dating back to the 9th cent., and  reconstructed in the 16th cent. It was built in place of the temple of fire worshipers.

Dinner and folklore show at Madrasah .

After a breakfast, drive to Samarkand via Giduvan. Along the way visit ceramic pottery.

Upon arrival, accommodation at a hotel.

In 329 BC, Alexander the Great exclaimed: ‘Everything I've heard about Samarkand is true, except that it’s more beautiful than I've ever imagined!’

This city is the jewel in the crown of the Silk Road.

It’s centerpiece, the Registan, has been carefully restored. This is Samarkand’s medieval commercial heart and is dominated by three madrasah facing each other across a square.

It is best to spend a whole day to explore these buildings with its golden interiors, courtyards and colorful bazaars. See the extraordinary Ulugbeg observatory, created by Tamerlane’s grandson, and visit Gur Emir – Tamerlane’s mausoleum. Have a tea on a terrace overlooking the Bibi Khanum mosque, built for Tamerlane by his wife as a surprise gift.

In 2001, UNESCO added the city to its World Heritage List as Samarkand – Crossroads of Cultures.

Sightseeing tour includes:

- Gur Emir Mausoleum. Today, everyone  can visit his tomb in the beautifully reconstructed Gur-Emir Mausoleum (1404-1405, 15-17 centuries) and reflect on his life while looking at the largest piece of jade (greenstone) in the world.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

After breakfast, full sightseeing day:

- Ulugbek's Observatory – observatory of Timur's grandson.

Ulugbek was an astronomer, scientist and architect. His scientific and astronomical discoveries greatly advanced knowledge in these fields. There is only thing that was stored  from observatory; is a part of huge sextant – major astronomic instrument.

- Tomb of Prophet Daniel. Amongst other curiosities in Samarkand is the tomb of the Hebrew Prophet Daniel. It contains a burial chamber which is around 18 meters in height . After the conquest of Syria, the grave was transported to Samarkand under the orders of Amir Temur.

- Afrosiab. The part of ancient and medieval Samarkand in the Northern part of modern city . This place always ensured favorable conditions for settlements. As a proof, you can  freely walk through the ancient ruins. A museum is in the center of the remains.

- Shah-i-Zinda Ensemble (9-14, 19 centuries). This architectural complex consists of 44 tombs in more than 20 mausoleums. The greatest significance of Shah-i-Zinda is that he was the First cousin of Prophet Muhammad and and most of all was like a Prophet

- Registan Ensemble – Registan became the city square when the life in Afrosiab stopped. Since that time Registan was reconstructed several times. Today it is surrounded by the three madrasah Ulugbek, Sherdor and Tillokori.

Dinner at national family with Pilav.

After breakfast, continue sightseeing tour of Samarkand:

- Bibi-Khanum Mosque which was named after Temur's wife and built between 1399-1404 – is one of best known architectural attractions of Central Asia. The Mosque was established  on Timur's precept after his combat of Delhi. Afterwards, visit Bazaar.

Transfer to Tashkent.

Upon arrival, accommodation at a hotel.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

After breakfast, transfer to Fergana via Kokand. Sightseeing tour in the city.

Continue driving to Rishtan. Visit ceramic pottery.

Upon arrival accommodation at a hotel in Fergana.

Dinner at hotel.

Afterbreakfast, transfer to Margilan to visit “Yodgorlik” atlas making factory.

Continue driving to Andijan, cross Uzbek-Kyrgyz border  Dostuk. Meet a local guide on Kyrgyz side.

Your guide will help you get to homestay

Dinner will be at a local family’s home.

Overnight stay at a homestay.

Earlier start of the day… After breakfast, sightseeing tour around  Osh which includes the Holy Sulaiman Mountain, Babur’s Mausoleum and Sulaiman Museum. Then, drive through the beautiful natural landscapes to the Toktogul water reservoir. This is a long way , but very rewarding. Along the way, there is a trip to the ancient town of Uzgen.

Dinner and overnight stay at a homestay in Toktogul.

Today there will be a long drive as well, but you'll be able to see stunning snowcapped mountains and green valleys.

After breakfast, go to the north of the country in the direction of Bishkek. On the road, pass through a mountain tunnel and stunning serpentine roads .

Dinner at a local restaurant in Bishkek.

Overnight stay at a hotel.

After breakfast, have a city tour of capital's main highlights:

- Ala-Too and Victory Square;

- Fine Arts and Frunze Museum;

- Panfilov and Oak Parks;

- Chyngyz Aitmatov and Kurmanjan Datka monuments.

If there is time , possibility to visit Osh bazaar and buy some souvenirs.

In the afternoon transfer to Chon-Kemin Valley. Along the way the way, stop to visit historical Burana Tower, a minaret from the 11th century and an open air museum of Balbals (stone warriors). You can go to the top of the minaret and enjoy the view of the valley.

Upon arrival to Kalmak-Ashuu village, accommodation at a family-run guesthouse. The guesthouse is located inside of the quiet village with an absolutely stunning view.

Later, delicious homemade dinner will be served.

Free time in the evening for rest and possibility to walk around the village to get to know everyday life and local people.

After a breakfast, depart to Issyk-Kul lake through Northern shore.

Along the way , stop at Tamchy village for felt craft show at a local Kyrgyz family’s house andfor having lunch. .

Upon arrival to Cholpon-Ata, visit open air Petroglyphs Museum. Additionally, there is a possibility to visit Rukh-Ordo Cultural Center upon request.

Free time for rest in the evening.

Dinner and overnight stay at a hotel.

After a breakfast, transfer to Karakol.

Along the way , stop and have a half-day trip to Semenov Gorge for light trekking.

Upon arrival to Karakol check-in to a guesthouse.

Later, have a city tour which includes:

Visiting beautiful Russian Church made entirely of wood (built without nails), the Dungan Mosque (Dungan’s are minority group of Chinese Muslims living in this region and originally from Western China), the museum of Przewalski, a soviet renowned explorer of Central and East Asia. He made significant contributions to to European knowledge of Central Asia and was the first known European to describe they extant species of wild horse, which is named after him: Przewalski's horse. One-Village – One Product local shop. This shop is run by the association of local women who produce wide range of products from wild berry; jams, handy crafts, herbal soaps and other souvenirs, all using products and materials found in Issyk-Kul region.

Dinner at a local café.

Overnight stay at the guesthouse.

After  breakfast, full-day trip  to Jeti-Oguz Valley.

You will visit  famous Seven Bulls and Broken Heart rock formations and proceed to Kok-Jayik Valley for light trekking tour.

Meet local nomads who settle in the summer with their cattle in yurts.Arrival back to Karakol.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

Overnight stay at guesthouse.

After early breakfast, depart to Almaty by crossing the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border  Kegen.

Along the way enjoy  the wild and untouched  nature .

Along the way, walking trip  to Charyn Canyons.

Upon arrival to Almaty, accommodation at a hotel.

In the evening, free  time for rest .

Dinner at a local restaurant.

The whole day city tour around  Almaty city.

You will visit Panfilov Park, Zenkov Cathedral and Museum of Musical Instruments.

For those who love markets, the Green Bazaar provides a wonderful atmosphere. Observe how  the locals sell and buy fresh greenery and other goods. There is also a local chocolate factory with retail shop right next to it.

Visiting the Central State Museum that gives a full overview to Kazakhstan’s history. It also displays miniature replicas of the country’s great archaeological treasures including the Golden Man Warrior costume made from 4,000 golden parts!

Later, take the cable car to Chymbylak Gorge and then to Sunkar Falcon Center to see the eagles, hawks, owls and vultures.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

Transfer to the Airport for your departure flight.

Standard check-out from hotel.

2174 535 (2605 USD)
3-4150 415 (2245 USD)
5-6118 590 (1770 USD)
Supplementary for single accommodation23 450 (350 USD)

*Tour price in USD will be re-calculated according to the KR National Bank’s exchange rate on the payment day

Accommodation double/twinTashkent - 3* hotel (3 o/n)
Bukhara - 3* hotel (1 o/n)
Samarkand - 3* hotel (2 o/n)
Fergana - 4* hotel (1 o/n)
Оsh - homestay (1 o/n)
Toktogul - homestay (1 o/n) 
Bishkek - 3* hotel (1 o/n)
Chon-Kemin- guesthouse (1 o/n) 
Cholpon-Ata - 3* hotel (1 o/n) 
Karakol - guesthouse (2 o/n)
Almaty - 3* hotel (2 o/n)
Note:Accommodation conditions at homestays in Osh and in Toktogul – are basic, 
home style. Outside summer shower and shared toilet. 
Single accommodation is not available, 2-4 pax share one room

TransportLand transportation by air-conditioned non-smoking vehicle throughout the tour
Local guide servicesEnglish speaking local guides in each city for excursions
Entrance fees & excursionsIncluded
Tourist tax in UzbekistanIncluded
International/domestic flights
Visa support and visa to Kyrgyzstan (if required)
Visa support and visa to Kazakhstan (if required)
Visa support and visa to Uzbekistan (if required)
Personal expenses

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