One-day horseback riding tour

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Horseback riding in Orto-Sai village. 10 km from city center. (1 hour)

from 2278 KGS (34$)
One day tour

Days: 1 / Nights: 0

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Duration: 1 hour

Horseback riding has been proven to have a positive effect for the backbone, thus keeping your posture in good shape. Spending time together with horses is said to take away the negative energy giving you the so sought after positive mood. Orto-Sai village. 10 km from city center to the Horseback riding place 

group size Price in kgs (usd)/PER PERSON
14 288 (64 USD)
23 015 (45 USD)
32 814 (42 USD)
42 881 (43 USD)
52 546 (38 USD)
62 479 (37 USD)
72 278 (34 USD)
82 345 (35 USD)
92 278 (34 USD)

*Tour price in USD will be re-calculated according to the KR National Bank’s exchange rate on the payment day

Horseback riding for 1 hour
Price excludes
Guide services
Personal expenses
Additional horseback riding time

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