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A student visa is a mark (seal) in a foreign passport of a standard type, which entitles an applicant to enter the territory of the relevant state to attend a training course: higher or secondary special education abroad, language courses and advanced training courses, participation in specialized training programs that are organized by accredited educational institutions.

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US student visa 

Address of the US Embassy in Bishkek: Web site: Prospect Mira, 171 Bishkek, 720016, Kyrgyz Republic Tel: (+ 996-312) 597 000 The general page of the consulate provides detailed information on applying for a visa:

Student visa to Germany

Address of the German Embassy in Bishkek:

Embassy website:

Embassy address: Razzakova 28, 720040 Bishkek

Tel. visa department: 00996 312 905013

Applications for the Schengen countries Belgium, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden and Spain are also accepted through the branches of VisaMetric. Applications from these countries are then sent to the German Embassy in Bishkek.

From April 25, 2018, you can apply for a visa at an office in a specialized service company Visametric in Bishkek at ul. Razzakova, 19. Visametric charges a fee of 20 euros for this service, payable in national currency in Kyrgyz soms. All details on obtaining a visa can be found on the page of the consulate -

UK student visa 

Visa center address: - better to check, since the center is mobile. Also on this link you will find the main contacts, dates of admission for the current year and procedures. A list of “visa sponsors” - educational institutions that have licenses can always be checked online by following the link:

However, if you would like to gain experience of self-submission, then follow the link and carefully study the UKVI guide-instructions.

● Determine the type of visa:

● Determine whether it is necessary to take a test for tuberculosis - Usually, this test is given at special accredited centers (the closest to Bishkek in Almaty).

● Create an account and follow the procedure to fill out -

●Find out what documents you need to collect and bring - this item is the most responsible and most important for obtaining a visa. In order to find out, after determining the type of visa, go to the page of a specific type of visa. For example, the link shows guides for the General Student Tier 4 visa -

● Come to a meeting and hand over documents and biometric data.

Student Visa to Switzerland

Address of the Swiss Embassy in Bishkek

Embassy Website:

Embassy Address: 21 Ave. Erkindik, Bishkek

Tel. visa department: +996 312 301 036


All details on obtaining a visa can be found on the page of the consulate -

Student Visa to Canada Link to open an account: Bishkek Visa Application Center: Cost of necessary services:

Address of the embassy in Moscow:

Starokonyushenny lane, 23, Moscow, 119002


Telephone of the visa department: +7 (945) 925-6000

Fax of the visa department: +7 (945) 925-6025

For more information about the procedures for filing through the visa center, you will find the link:

A list of Canadian Embassy documents with instructions can be found at

Student Visa to China

Address of the Embassy: Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, Pr. Mira 299/7, 720016

Consular Section Phone: 00996-312-597483 (Consultation hours: 09: 00-12: 00.15: 00-17: 00 (Tuesdays and Thursdays))

Email Consular Section:

A website for visa information:

On this site you will find a complete list of documents for a student visa to China -

Student visa to Korea

Address of the embassy: 720064, Bishkek, ul. Akhunbaeva, 35

Tel: (0312) 57 97 71, (0312) 57 97 72, (0312) 57 97 73

Fax: (0312) 57 97 74


Detailed information about visas can be obtained by following the link:

Student visa to Japan

Address of the embassy: 720040, Bishkek, ul. Razzakova, 16

Telephone: +996 (312) 300-050, 300-051

All about visas to Japan: http: // / ...

Student Visa to India

Address of the embassy: 100-A, blvd. Young Guard, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Embassy website:

Visa Section:

Phone: 00996-312-979256, 00996-312-979257, 00996-312-979258.

Требования по подаче документов на визу необходимо уточнять по каждой стране на сайте посольства или визового центра. Также список документов и требования есть у наших консультантов KC Образование за Рубежом.

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Whatsapp: +996 554 900883

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