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Applications deadline

Apllications are accepted anytime

Длительность программы

1 year

Participating in Au-Pair program , you can improve not only speaking German, but also an academic, as you will be attending courses of German language. Staying with family and helping with children are the main activities of Au- Pair participant.

from 13532 сом ($199)

Au-pair is an international program. We are looking for Au-pair- applicants, who eagerly want to spend time in the German / French family for 1 year.

Rules established by Au-pair program

    Au-pair means "to live and work under the same conditions as others."

    It is an international program that gives an opportunity for young people to live abroad for a limited time.

    Families are allowed to recruit girls aged 18 to 26 years old (Germany) from 18 to 29 years old (France)

    Working conditions

  • Current standard of terms and conditions approved by the European Convention on hiring domestic workers:
  • Au-pair helps with childcare and any housework, however Au-pair should not be used as a charwoman and perform heavy housework.
  • Au-pair helps at home 5-6 hours per day, or 30-36 hours in a week. This work should be distributed so that Au-pair will have enough time to study language and other forms of education. Past experience showed that both parties have to discuss details in advance during employment.
  • The family will provide you with an additional EUR 260 as pocket money and paid vacation for up to 4 weeks per year.


be between 18 and 26 years old

a certificate of completion of secondary school

knowledge of German language at the level of A1, Goethe test or OAED

Childcare experience

For applicants to France, it is necessary to provide an additional certificate or another document confirming that you have studied French for at least 2 years.

Host family checks the knowledge of language by phone. The family understands that It is very difficult to talk by phone in a foreign language. Still, a phone conversation is very important.

Homestay accomodation will let yo to practice your German or French language

Families supposed to provide

  • accomodation
  • meals
  • insurance
  • language courses
  • transportation

*Additional options should be discussed after an interview with family

Услуга по поиску семьи, поддержке и визовой консультации- 13 532 сома ($199)

Консульский сбор для получения визы- 4550 сом (EUR 60)

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