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Applications deadline

May, October

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Baccalaureate  - 3/4 year

Master Studies- 2 years

The Institute of Transport and Communication in Latvia (TSI) is the only private technical academy of university type in Latvia where you can receive higher education in Russian, Latvian and English languages. The largest and oldest, with a strong team of teachers and a large number of students is generally the best in many criteria that makes it an excellent choice for students from Kyrgyzstan.

from 216000 KGS from 2700 euro

Transport and Communication University in Latvia (TSI)

TSI Mission – a combination of classical university traditions and innovative technologies, the exact sciences and creative approach.
Transport and Communication Institute (lat. Transporta un sakaru institūts – TSI) – is a modern academy with almost 100 history. TSI – university successor of legendary RRBICAE (Riga Red Banner Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers) and RAU (Riga
Aviation University). In its present form, TSI was founded in 1999. The Institute received in Latvia indefinite accreditation as a higher education institution. 

The University offers bachelor, master and doctoral programs in the following areas:

  • Transport and Logistics
  • Computer sciences
  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Economics and management
  • Aviation Transport

The university is truly international: students from more than 20 countries- from Moldova, India, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries study here.
The university is located in the capital of Latvia - the historic city of Riga. This is an extraordinary beauty of the city, which has retained the old centuries-old buildings, streets that will not leave anyone indifferent. Compared to other Baltic cities, Riga seems to be a megalopolis – here live more than 600,000 people!

Divided by the wide 500-meter-long Daugava River, Riga remains forever in its heart with its Art Nouveau facades, large green parks and cozy small bars, where the minutes pass invisibly under the crackling and twinkling of candles.

The university offers one of the rare specialties Bachelor of Aviation Transport (Pilot). Only a few educational institutions offer commercial aviation pilot training programs, and the Institute of Transport and Communications (TSI) is one of them. Already 4 years after admission to the program “Flight operation of air transport” you will receive a bachelor of technical science and a commercial pilot license, which in the future will allow you to become a co-pilot, and after 1500 hours of flight practice, even an aircraft commander.

In the second semester, you will have a medical commission. In case of refusal, you will have the opportunity to continue your studies as an engineer. 
These specialists are trained by the TSI / APAC Academic and Professional Aviation Center, which is certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The training of specialists corresponds to international standards in the field of civil aviation (ICAO).  In just 4 years, graduates receive a higher education and an aeronautical engineering diploma, as well as a commercial pilot license (FROZEN ATPL CPL), which allows you to work as a pilot!

Entry Requirements:

  • Certificate or Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Pass
  • Filled Registration Form

Then the documents are send to Academic Informational Center for expertise.

The university collaborates with the 1Home student residence, which is located directly across the street from the main campus of the university and 15 minutes from the city center. 

All 1Home rooms have a private bathroom. All prices include utility costs for water consumption, electricity, heating and Wi-Fi, as well as weekly room cleaning and bed
linen change 2 times a month. The common kitchen is located in the hall (on the floor). Student Residence 1Home also offers accommodation in Lux rooms, with individual

Cost of accommodation according to the contract for 6 months / 12 months / 10 months

Single room 1300 EUR / 2400 EUR / 2100 EUR
Double room 1000 EUR / 1800 EUR / 1600 EUR
Lux 2600 EUR / 4800 EUR / 4200 EUR (may be divided for 2-3 renters)

Tuition fee for 1 academic year:

All specialties except Bachelor in Aviation Transport (pilot): 2,700 euros (216,000 soms)

Bachelor in Aviation Transport (Pilot): 20,000 Euros (1,600,000 Som) *

* The price includes education, flight hours and license Frozen ATPL Integrated

Address: 231 Tynystanov St.,Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Email: education@concept.kg

Tel: +996 312 900883

Mob.: +996 777/701/557 900883

Whatsapp: +996 554 900883

Skype: kc_edu

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