Dear friends, there is an opening in the group of outbound agents

What is this?

This is an intensive training of tour operators who are engaged in outgoing abroad travels. Every week we receive requests for the tour managers, because a good specialist is “worth its weight in gold”. Especially fans of travel will like this profession, it involves a lot of trips and free info-tours.

Kyrgyz Concept Academy will help you master a sought after profession in a short time.

The course includes:

1. Tours - types, categories, the creating of the tour, the most popular directions for the seasons: summer, winter, all year round;

2. Airports - airplanes, hubs, terminal / categories of passengers, airlines (local and international) / Baggage;

3. Passport and visa nuances - types, terms, amounts, reasons for refusal, list of documents;

4. Hotel - types, categories, booking, buyback;

5. Service - impeccable service (wow service), service algorithm, after-sales service, customer focus;

6. Consultation - questions that must be asked to the Client in order to avoid problems; information that must be transmitted to the Client;

7. Estimates and risks - terms of cancellation of hotel reservation, refund

8. Pre-departure orientation (memo);

9. Content of the tour - excursions, exhibitions, museums, trips, shops, shopping, restaurants;

10. Practice - a lot of practice with our experienced specialist - trial armor, programming, costing and much more.

Course duration: 3 weeks.

Cost: 7500

For information call: 312 900 833/0550747341; 0554504604 (what’s app) 

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